1. Opus Dei

    April 18, 2008
    Religion and politics have always been dangerous bedfellows. As far apart as the EU and US seem to be in terms geo-politics, there is one common thread in their political agendas: the secularisation of Islamic countries.
  2. Onion

    April 18, 2008
    Producer: Theo Deutinger
  3. 2007 – Who Saves the Planet?

    January 01, 2008
    Producer: Theo Deutinger, Christopher Pandolfi
  4. The History of Expos

    October 01, 2007
    World’s fairs are an offspring of the age of industrialization in Europe, with its initial focus rather on innovative products than on magnificent architecture of pavilions and convention halls. The155 years of World’s Fairs can be clearly divided in two periods, the Industrial Revolution and the Digital Revolution, with the...
  5. Refugee Camps

    May 01, 2007
    Of the worldwide 33 million people that are currently uprooted from their homes, 12 million are refugees and asylum seekers living in camps in countries other than their own.Sudden crises like the most recent one in the Sudanese region of Darfur where more than 5.3 million people left their homes...
  6. Selfmade Biodiversity

    March 01, 2007
    In the year 2004 scientist published an estimation that through the warming up of the earth’s atmosphere 15 to 37 percent of our current species will be exterminated by the year 2050. While this rapid decrease of species is stated, the human beings as main source of this process, are...
  7. World Ball

    June 01, 2006
    With a multitude of 191 countries (UN members) the political world seems to be complex but with currently 207 members of the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), the world of soccer appears to be even more fragmented.
  8. Terrorists Love Density

    February 16, 2006
    Terrorists love density; they explore cities according to it. They attack the courses of daily life like subways or buses; they look for the shock-factor attacking weddings or funerals and their main targets are city elements like the police, the government, public transportation or religious institutions.
  9. Europan

    February 01, 2006
    Europan, descended from the French competition PAN (Programme d'Architecture Nouvelle) is one of world’s largest architecture competitions just surpassed by the one for the Word Trade Center Memorial in New York.Founded in Madrid in 1988 on the initiative of professionals and public bodies of nine countries, Europan could count...
  10. 2006 - Game Over

    January 01, 2006
    Producer: Andreas Kofler
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