Theo Deutinger
Theo Deutinger is an architect, writer, and designer of socio-cultural studies. He is the founder and head of The Department (TD), an office that combines architecture with research, visualization, and conceptual thinking at all scale levels from global planning, urban master plans, and architecture to graphical and journalistic work.
His "Handbook of Tyranny", published in 2018, has won numerous awards,  including the FILAF Architecture Book Award 2018. Deutinger’s work was part of international presentations at the 14th Architecture Biennale in Venice (2014), the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (2017), and Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York (2019).
Theo Deutinger has taught project studios at the Berlage Institute at TU Delft, the Strelka Institute in Moscow, and Harvard Graduate School of Design. Currently, he is teaching at TU Vienna.

Pia Prantl
Leads The Department of architecture and spatial planning. Pia Prantl gained experience in architecture offices like Brandlhuber+, Stadtlabor and Snøhetta but is also experienced in landscape design and exhibition design. She graduated with her master thesis at the University of Innsbruck.

Charlotte Kaulen
Leads The Department of communication and coordination. Charlotte Kaulen studied urban planning (B.Sc.) at the HafenCity University in Hamburg and completed her master's degree in European Urban Studies at the Bauhaus University Weimar.

Barbara Krajcar
architectural intern

Niko Görge
architectural intern

Tianrong Wu
architectural intern


Collaborators (former and present)

Joan Alcobé Alonso (Spain)
Filip Cieloch (Poland)
Ioanna Chatzikonstantinou (Greece)
Kit Chow (Hong Kong)
Christopher Clarkson (South Africa)
Liam Cooke (Great Britain)
Catarina Dantas (Portugal)
Simon Davis (Germany)
Romuald Dehio (Germany)
Lisa Deipenbrock (Germany)
Luca Deutinger (Austria)
Marlene Deutinger (Austria)
Andrea Falkner (Austria)
Stefanos Filippas (Greece)
Haoge Gan (China)
Conxa Gene Garcia (Spain)
Philipp Goedhart (Austria)
Michael Hadjistyllis (Cyprus)
Nobahar Haidarian (Iran)
Shelia Jap (Indonesia)
Marilia Kaisar (Greece)
Jolande Kirschbaum (Germany)
Andreas Kofler (Italy)
Theresia Kohlmayr (Austria)
Marieke Kums (The Netherlands)
Charlie Küntsch (Luxembourg)
Nina Maeno (France)
Ana Rita Marques (Portugal)
Elisa Mante (Greece)
Dario Marino (Italy)
Elena Megia Nieto (Spain)
Federica Muccichini (Italy)
Christopher Pandolfi (Canada)
Johannes Pointl (Austria)
Laura Polidoro (Italy)
Stefan Prins (the Netherlands)
Hema Priya Kabali (India)
Joao Prates Ruivo (Portugal)
Beatriz Ramo (Spain)
Thomas Raben-Lange (Denmark)
Kerstin Reyer (Germany)
Samatha Rees (Canada)
Frank Rödiger (Germany)
Yoko Sano (Japan)
Katja Schneider (Germany)
Andrew Snow (Canada)
Nikolas Susanto (Indonesia)
Arseniy Sverdlov (Netherlands/Russia)
Tomasz Świetlik (Poland)
Bernd Upmeyer (Germany)
Lucia de Usera (Spain)
Federica Vazzana (Italy)
Paul Valeanu (Romania)
Ekaterina Vititneva (Russia)
Barbara Weingartner (Austria)
Vasiliki Mavrikaki (Greece)