1. Europe in Africa - The Washington Post

    June 01, 2016
    Adam Taylor from The Washington Post wrote an article about our project "Europe in Africa" featuring images of the projects and an interview with Theo Deutinger.
  2. Crowd Control

    April 12, 2016
    Currently the positive powers of the masses are praised and discussed extensively. Swarm-intelligence, crowd-funding, crowd-sourcing and crowd-innovation are some of the keywords that promise economic and social progress due to bundling of individual powers. Social media platforms make it easy to fuse individuals into masses, reinforced by frequent and cheap...
  3. Sign Language

    February 09, 2016
    The rise of the icons has been going hand in hand with industrialization, increasing mass mobility as well as the growing mass communication. The highest concentration of sign language can be found in public spaces as roads, airports and the world wide web, areas where a high diversity of nationalities...
  4. Merry Christmas & Happy 2016

    December 24, 2015
    TD wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, and a healthy and successful 2016!
  5. Defensive City

    December 09, 2015
    The age of fortressed cities is long gone. Protective borders designed to fend off outside enemies have made a shift from city perimeters to national and even supranational boundaries, as in the case of the Schengen Area.
  6. Private Islands

    October 19, 2015
    During the age of discovery, the sight of new islands raised explorers’ hopes for more uncharted landmasses, populated by strange people, plants and animals. In those days islands became destinations of dreams – of new worlds. It seems only logical that Thomas More’s fictional Utopia – a perfect society – was on an island.
  7. Around the world in GEO

    October 17, 2015
    Issue Nr 10 2015 of GEO magazine - Germany presents an edition of Around the world.
  8. Refugee Camps

    August 24, 2015
    The political formalization of our planet’s surface into territories through the nation building process assigned every human to a specific territory. This organized the world nicely and granted the people within the territories with specific rights.
  9. Walls & Fences

    June 03, 2015
    Since the fall of the Iron Curtain a quarter century ago, the world has been busy building barriers at an unprecedented rate: about 10,000 km of wire, concrete, steel, sand, stone and mesh has been employed to keep people out or in.
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