1. The Pandemic Space

    December 01, 2020
    Pandemic Encounters
    Die Corona-Pandemie hat Auswirkungen auf die alltäglichsten Situationen - so auch auf scheinbar ganz banale Dinge wie die Begegnungen mit Mitmenschen auf der Straße oder auf Wegen im Park.Die mittlerweile normal gewordene 1,5m-Abstandsgesellschaft in Deutschland zwingt uns dazu, bei Begegnungen auf Wegen diese möglichst auch einzuhalten.
  2. Architectures of Reassurance: Between Emergency and Play - CATALYST 2020

    March 30, 2020
    Architectures of Reassurance: Between Emergency and Play. Catalyst 2020 Lecture - 1 of 2
    Architectures of Reassurance: Between Emergency and Play.Catalyst 2020 Lecture - 1 of 2.
  3. Handbook of Tyranny - presentations

    May 08, 2018
    Public Debate. Borders and Territories #1, 22/03/2018 - Part 2: Podium Discussion
    Participants Annett Zinsmeister, Artist, Berlin In her work, Annett Zinsmeister focuses on the intersection of art, architecture, and cultural studies.She creates large-scale installations, conceptual and built spaces, photography, drawings, films and collages as well as texts.
  4. Open Set Symposium

    July 29, 2016
    Future Fictions - Symposium Memories of the Future, Open Set
    Theo Deutinger presented the project "Believe, Know & Feel" and took part at the discussion during the symposium "Memories of the Future" organized by Open Set in Rotterdam.

    July 20, 2013
    City of Athletes
    Lecture of Theo Deutinger in the context of the Symposium Performative Urbanism - generating and designing urban space Saturday, 20th.July 2013, at the Schaustelle Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich.Technical University Munich Faculty of Architecture Department for Urban Design and Regional Planning Prof.Sophie Wolfrum.
  6. Bouma Talks 2012 - We Have to Dream

    November 07, 2012
    Bouma gesprek 2012: Theo Deutinger
    A lecture about the human necessity to belief in growth.The question is how can we grow different than in physical volume?.
  7. Public Debate Design and Politics 4

    October 20, 2011
    Public Debate Design and Politics 4
    Public Debate.Design and Politics 4 - Learning to Provoke - Part 2 - Statements & Discussion.
  8. Test_Lab: The Invisible City

    November 18, 2010
    The Invisible City
    This edition of Test_Lab featured a selection of freshly graduated artists, architects, and designers from European art and design academies whose projects explore the invisible aspects of our contemporary urban environments.