July 20, 2013



19th and 20th July 2013 - Schaustelle Munich


Correlating to what Lefèbvre calls l‘espace vécu in his complex theory about space, the term lived space describes the active process of percep- tion and production at the very same time. Space emerges in a process of acting between individuals, in a process of utilisation of objects, in a process of everyday life. While walking, driving, or skating through the city we are not only experiencing these situations differently, according to indi- vidual points of view, but also are creating space through our play of strides (de Certeau).

In addition, there is also a discursive thread in architecture theory that 5 underlines the performative virtue of architecture. This special virtue sets architecture apart from all other professions: We are part of the esthetic reality of architecture, because with our own body we are part of the ar- chitectonic space that we perceive and produce at the same moment. „In architecture we are co-actors“ (Dagobert Frey). It is always a complex ar- chitectural situation we find ourselves in, in wich we perceive architecture and in which, only then, architecture emerges as such.

Architecture as the art of articulating space (Umberto Eco) is gaining new relevance in urbanism since our time is perceived as the era of space (Fou- cault, Latour). Performative Urbanism conceives architecture far beyond it‘s virtues as object and image. Situation, utilization, process, co-acting are crucial notions to a performative understanding of architecture, inclu- ding architecture on an urban scale. 

City of Athletes

Lecture of Theo Deutinger in the context of the Symposium Performative Urbanism - generating and designing urban space Saturday, 20th.July 2013, at the Schaustelle Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich. Technical University Munich Faculty of Architecture Department for Urban Design and Regional Planning Prof. Sophie Wolfrum