March 30, 2020

Architectures of Reassurance: Between Emergency and Play - CATALYST 2020

CATALYST 2020  - University of Minnesota, School of Architecture

Architectures of Reassurance: Between Emergency and Play

Architectural work, as a genre of intellectual work, is multi-faceted, as are the venues of experimentation and practice that reflect upon it. In this regard, architectural thought operates in many formats, media, and institutional settings that extend beyond, while often informing, the disciplineʼs role in the conception of the built environments. The Catalyst 2020 lecture and workshop series at the University of Minnesota's School of Architecture was transformed into a venue of experimentation addressing the present issues of control and data-driven industrialization through an architectural, critical-spatial lens.



The scale of the curatorial-discursive inquiry bridges the four sections of Catalyst 2020 by scrutinizing the found evidence as cultural techniques or rhythms made visible through various critical-spatial and visual-analytical means. Collecting, viewed here as an infrastructural process, renders architecture and the repository of evidence as a priori categories.

Entrance Points: As all nation states around the world, the United States have one common border regime. Part of this regime is the border, which is eventually a line drawn onto the landscape and a guarding system that controls all humans and all goods that cross these lines. Every person, US citizen or foreigner, is checked at the countries entry points and is asked for its identity; generally proven by the passport.

For Catalyst 2020 - Architectures of Reassurance, we analyzed, illustrated and curated all three points of entry to the United States: Land border crossings, airports and harbors.

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Students: Pria Cooper, Kaitlin DeAngelis, Whitney Donohue, Jocelyne Dougan, Yaniv Garama, Ritah Kagezi, Jakob Mahla, Javkhlan Nyamjav, Jesus Martinez, Ramirez, Drew Tangren, Mimi Vo

Supervisor: Vahan Misakyan (Surveillant City Lab, University of Minnesota) with Theo Deutinger

Photo and video credits: Sam Reed, University of Minnesota, College of Design, Imaging Lab

Architectures of Reassurance: Between Emergency and Play. Catalyst 2020 Lecture - 1 of 2

Architectures of Reassurance: Between Emergency and Play. Catalyst 2020 Lecture - 1 of 2