1. G-aid

    July 01, 2005
    In 1970 during a meeting of the United Nations an agreement was made that the industrialized nations will strive to reserve 0,7% of their Gross National Product for foreign aid. This undertaking was reassured several times since then at the meetings of the G8 – the seven richest countries of...
  2. P52 Infopavilion

    April 15, 2005
    This info box should promote the new Philips City Centre, designed by Mecanoo, in Nijmegen. The assignment was to design a pavilion that is a combination of a 20x20 meter box and a 21 meter high tower.
  3. Linz Musiktheater

    March 15, 2005
    The ambition of Linz to realize a building that is able to show musicals, operettas and operas as well as experimental, contemporary theatre, made it necessary to rethink the current typologies of theatres. In order to create a flexible core that is able to accommodate all this theatre-forms, we rearranged...
  4. Happy 2005

    January 01, 2005
    Producer: Theo Deutinger, Andreas Kofler
  5. SPAR

    December 15, 2001
    A huge shopping window of 3 x 25 meter unveils the ground floor of a former farm house that was transformed into a supermarket. This extension of an existing supermarket increases its shopping area to 500 squaremeter. Client: Fam.
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