February 16, 2006

Terrorists Love Density

Monu - Magazine on Urbanism (# 5, 2006)

Terrorists love density; they explore cities according to it. They attack the courses of daily life like subways or buses; they look for the shock-factor attacking weddings or funerals and their main targets are city elements like the police, the government, public transportation or religious institutions. Terrorism is an urban activity. By mapping all incidents in 2005 an equator of terrorism appears which also gives home to the most active terrorist groups. The events of 9/11 forever redefined the nature of terrorism risk. People and organizations in the Western World that never considered terrorism as a threat are now on guard. To hit the ‘right’ target in the ‘right’ city paid off and spread fear all over the western society while out of the 5.000 terrorist incidents in 2005 only a handful was actually happening in the Western World.

Producer: Theo Deutinger, Beatriz Ramo - resample of existing map