December 09, 2008

Work Around the World

Mark (#16, 2008)

Working 9 to 5, the global workforce is generating a day-night rhythm, as if the whole world would be a city.

Adopting a 9 to 5 working habit (9:00 am 5:00 pm) all around the world and a global sleeping rhythm from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am, the following “daily routine” on earth does appear. While most of world’s population is sleeping, the Americas are arduously working and in the US, Hollywood is for real living up to its name as “Dream Factory”. When the Americas come home from work, the workforce of Asia is awakening and heading to their job. Later on, at the moment Eurafrica is joining, three quarter of world’s population are dedicated to their livelihood. And while most of world’s workers call it a day and prepare for the night rest, the few Americans are departing to work again.
As long as productivity levels are high in the Americas, in particular in the US, the imbalance in world production cycles can be flattened out, yet with India and China as the booming economies of today and with their ever increasing work force, this global rhythm of day and night will soon become reality.

‘Work Around the World' is part of the ‘World City Project’

Producer: Theo Deutinger, Romuald Dehio