February 15, 2007

Transferium Kralingse Zoom

Rotterdam, commission, 2005-2007

The parking garage is one of the new Park and Ride (P+R) buildings in Rotterdam. It is placed on top of the Metro station Kralingse Zoom. Starting from an existing design the project develops more efficiency and simplicity in the garage circulation, at the same time that creates an image for the area due to it s busy location at the exit of the A16. The green houses on top use the CO2 produced by the cars.

Client: OBR - OntwikkelingsBedrijf Rotterdam
Design Team: Theo Deutinger, Marieke Kums, Thomas Raben-Lange, Bea Ramo, Joao Prates Ruivo, Yoko Sano
Traffic Plan: Arjen Kamphuis - dS+V
Construction Engineering: dS+V