November 23, 2022

Timișoara Walls and Fences - Typopassage™

Timișoara Walls and Fences

From the fortress city to the national border

In addition to the exhibition space in Stefania Palace the work was shown in the Typopassage™ of Timisoara, a poster gallery  in public space.

At the Timișoara Architecture Biennial (Beta) 2022 TD shows all new structures (ditches, fences, walls) that separate nation states which have been constructed or reinforced between 2017 and 2022. These designs were shown for the first time to the public.

These drawings were linked to the historical city wall of Timisoara. The city with it's long history of fortifications functioned as a case study for urban fortification and spans space and time to the current border walls.


Christopher Clarksen, Haoge Gan, Theo Deutinger