January 15, 2008

The Hague International

'The Hague International' commissioned buy the city of The Hague

‘The Hague International’ is a proposal for a long term, integral planning process which includes ideas about an international zone as well as all of The Hague’s inhabitants and businesses. It shows a city that could become the first exclusively international area where all nationalities are equally welcomed and regarded as enrichment to the city. Where different cultures are not oppressed but asked to flourish, where the city stages differences around every corner that all together create The Hague International.

‘The Hague International’ proposes the step by step transformation of The Hague into a solely international city in social, cultural and physical sense. It shows a development where city-planning and the desire of the city to be recognised as the “City of Peace and Justice” go hand in hand towards an indissoluble fusion.

Leapfrogging the current discussion about an international zone in The Hague, this study shows that this zone already exists and by now reaches all corners of the city. The Hague is currently in an advanced stage of internationalism – one only has to accept it and dare to continue. City planning and city aspirations will go firmly hand in hand, everlastingly inseparable - like body and soul. If the ICC is the current flagship of this endeavour, The Hague international will be a sea and all elements of the city will belong to the same squadron.
download the study here

Client: Maarten Schmitt - Den Haag
Design Team: Theo Deutinger, Christopher Pandolfi
Supported by: Bregit Jansen, Helmut Thoele