November 30, 2009

Symposium: ‘Networked Cities: Governance, Trust, Design’

Sunday 15 November 2009, 13.00-18.00

On the last day of ‘Stadtstaat. A Scenario for Merging Cities’, a project by Metahaven at Casco, a public forum with international thinkers and practitioners is organized in order to further discuss the issues prompted by the project: urban governance and politics in the light of network power and the thrust of participation and the role of design.

Nieuwekade 213-215
3511 RW Utrecht, The Netherlands
T/F: +31 (0)30 231 9995


13.00 Welcome & Context by Binna Choi, director of Casco & Axel Wieder, director of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

13.15 Presentation by Marina Vishmidt
13.45 Presentation by Felix Janssens
14.15 Presentation by Metahaven

14.45 Intermission

15.00 Presentation by Pier Vittorio Aureli
15.30 Presentation by Theo Deutinger
16.00 Presentation by Ingo Niermann

16.30-18.00 Group discussion moderated by Friso Wiersum, organizer of the Tumult series of lectures ‘Utrecht, a Regiopolis’

18.00 Drinks