December 01, 2013

Special Material Zone - 2013 Shenzhen Biennale

Droog and TD  present the SZHKSMZ - Shenzhen Hong Kong Special Material Zone

at the 2013 Shenzhen Biennale, UABB (Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism /Architecture) December 6, 2013–February 28, 2014
Global middle classes are growing, materials are becoming scarce and waste is increasingly abundant. Meanwhile mainstream industry is based on mass production and mass consumption. 
SZHKSMZ envisions a future economy in which companies see the material restraints and growing demands as a challenge for innovation. The industrial zone features a spectrum of thriving businesses.

The imaginary companies in this zone:

- develop products with the use of boundless materials, such as the sand in the desert and human hair
- sell products made from new bio-based materials such as sour milk and cow dung
- harvest our waste and offer it for re-use
- redesign dead stock
- use new technology to produce less waste, such as 3D printers that can endlessly reprint materials
- create products that engage users for a lifetime
- close ‘wedding’ contracts between consumers and the products they buy
- offer services for exchanging products
- offer apps for sharing products
- offer shopping games, which satisfy shopping addicts
- host digital platforms for designing and sharing virtual designs with friends
- create virtual interior decoration
- produce products that can be repaired
- offer repairing services
- produce materials that are self healing
- certify the amount of material used
- promote the protection of fossil materials
- run a gallery offering the last remaining plastics, now the most valuable collectibles
- teach consumers how to get rid of their shopping addiction
- sell illusions

Materials Perish, Ideas are Forever