February 15, 2009

SOH Pavilions

Temporary Art Pavilions

The three SOH pavilions are conceptualized and design for a travelling exhibition showing the artwork of Alex Vermeulen. The design of the entire complex is a joint venture between Alex Vermeulen as an artist who takes care of the moat inner world, Gillian Schrofer as interior architect who designed the first skin that encloses the artwork and TD who designed the weather and theft protecting outer skin.
The footprints of the three pavilions are based on the three most archaic shapes: the circle, the square and the triangle. The simple extrusion of these footprints generates three tempietto’s of art and contemplation with an astonishing sacral aura.

Client: Alex Vermeulen - Syndicaat Foundation
Design Team: Theo Deutinger, Romuald Dehio, Nina Maeno