June 01, 2012


Loos/Corbusier crossover

The building accommodates a family with two kids and their grandpa in the age of 90. In order to provide the grandpa with a small apartment for easy access on ground level, the living spaces of the family had to be placed on first floor. The building was designed from the living space and the large covered terrace which was the most important request by the clients. Around these functions the rest of the house was designed to serve the core; in computer terminology one would describe the living area as the master and all other functions as the slave.

The building turned out to be a crossover of Adolf Loos and le Corbusier, a fusion of Raumplan and Modulor, of walls and columns, of inversion and expression. The rather simple outside shape which is exact envelop of the very restrictive site limitations in all directions, hides another shape, the “wood box”, which comprises the families living area.

The building shell is from prefabricated laminated wood boards and was erected within three days. The building is equipped with a geothermal heating system that transfers the heat difference from the ground water through a heat exchanger to feat the low temperature heating system. The electricity for the heating and household is generated by PV-panels on the roof.