January 10, 2012

Skyscraper Boom >> Economic Doom

Barclays Capital report proofs link between skyscraper boom and economic doom!

Almost three years after TD releases its “Sky High –Dow Low” SNOG in MARK Magazine #18,2009, Barclays Capital, one of world’s most respected financial institution, admits that a sudden irrational race for ever higher skyscrapers heralds a period of economic downturn. view and compare the Barclay Capital file here

Here the text the accompines "Sky High, Dow Low":

In the history of modern capitalism, the direct connection between office towers and speculation is undeniable. Skyscrapers, as the most expressive typology of office buildings, are like amplitudes from glass and steel, reflecting the extremums at the stock exchange. Yet, in the unpredictable financial jungle seems to exist a simple rule: the hotter the market, the higher the building and the superlatives in building heights are followed by superlatives in markets lows.
After a crash it takes decennia’s to recover since buildings, unlike stock market values, don’t go down and remain for decades waiting for tenants. In the current Credit Crunch it is time to back off and hold out once more. Thus next time, in 20 to 40 years, when the fever starts again and a super tall tower appears on the architect’s drawing board which should replace the “Burj Dubai” as world’s tallest building, please remember and sell your stocks.

Producer: Theo Deutinger, Laura Polidoro