October 16, 2018

Riverside Residence

The building is designed right at a topographic edge with a difference in height of 6 meter, which equals exactly the two stories of the building. While the entrances at the front of the building are directly accessible form the street, the roof is a continuation of the pasture land at the back of the building. Thus, the building is designed as an artificial extension and continuation of the landscape.

The volume of the building loops around an inner courtyard, which gives place to a car park that will be covered in the second phase and will serve as terrace for the nine apartments. The apartments are designed as maisonette with two levels. The nine apartments are directly accessible through their own front door, since the private front door is an important element which is typical for houses in small villages. It enhances the feeling of having a home and increases the private use of outside space.

All main structural and load bearing elements are made of laminated wood. This advanced natural construction method results in an environmentally friendly and resource saving building with an exceptional room climate through the natural regulation of humidity by the wood.

The building is about 35,0 m long and 27,0 m wide and the plot has a total surface of about 1.600 m². Construction started in June 2014 and finished in December 2014.

Team: Stefanos Filippas, Theo Deutinger