February 15, 2009


an interactive democratic battlefield

Pro-Test is an interactive democratic battlefield on a public square in Rotterdam. This project is made possible through an invitation by Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and Stichting Pleinmuseum for the purpose of 'Dropstuff’ .

‘Dropstuff’ is a 14 * 2 meter large video wall with interactive features that tours through the Netherlands and wherever it settles down, artist get invited to provide content. Pro-Test is transforming the video wall in a democratic agora. Passing pedestrians can vote vie SMS messages while internet users can participate via web-voting. On the screen appear statements of political, social and cultural importance. These via the website suggested statements get voted with simple yes or no votes. The looser of the battle gets swept away with water-cannons and smoke-bombs by the SWAT-Team, while the winning crowd is cheering.

Pro-Test is the result of a unique and very fruitful collaboration with WALL, Nog-Harder and I-B-O-O

Client: Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Design Team: Theo Deutinger, Romuald Dehio, Laura Polidoro, Stefan Prins; WALL: Ronald Wall; Nog Harder: Mark van Beest, Saar Visser; I-B-O-O: Joost Burger