June 19, 2021

Pet City - Exhibition


Pet-City is part of the exhibition Cohabitation organized by Arch+ inĀ silent green from June 4 till July 4, 2021 in Berlin.

Pet-City examines the relationship between humans and pets - the most intimate form of cohabitation. This relationship often starts with the purchase. A person goes to a pet shop or animal shelter buys a living creature and takes it home. However, urban apartments are rarely designed to house animals, even though 43% of Germans live with at least one pet. The same applies to public space in the city. 117 227 dogs are registered in Berlin (as of 2020). 117 227 Living beings with their own needs and with owners that need to walk them at least twice a day.

The two main elements of the Pet-City exhibition are the Shopping Street and the Apartment:

The Shopping Street highlights the economic and spatial influences of keeping pets for the city. The seven shops represent specific desires for the humanization of pets by their owners and how the economy cashes in on them. The advertising pillar shows detailed spatial, social, and economic effects of keeping pets in the city of Berlin and in Germany.

The Apartment shows the intimate relationship between humans and pets, in this specific case between humans and dogs. You can sense the dynamism in this relationship from the products on display, which support pampering and caring for, but also constant domestication.

Pet-City is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL

Charlotte Kaulen, Nikolas Susanto, Pia Prantl, Shelia Jap, Marlene Deutinger, Theo Deutinger