May 07, 2018

Office in Nature (OiN) and the Muenster School of Architecture

Part of the curriculum of the Muenster School of Architecture are ad-hoc design classes. The students must develop the design concept and work it out as rough design sketch within four weeks. TD was asked to host one of these classes in its mountain studio in Flachau. The given assignment was based on the concept Office in Nature which was developed by TD in 2015. The students were asked to design prototypical office typologies for the Alps that could serve as temporary office spaces.

Each group got the freedom to choose the building site and was free to develop a specific spatial concept. This resulted in seven design proposals that covered a large spectrum of what the Alps can offer as extension of contemporary office life: from the remote mountain hut till the in-fill under a high-way bridge. Designing right in the heart of the Alps, right in nature makes results in the struggle with a very strong, almost overwhelming context. This results in the basic dilemma of natural preservation versus architectural intervention. Suddenly there is immediate responsibility.

Alexander Bilt
Zewen Chen
Greta Ruth Ernst
Gion Eßbach
Lukas Freitag
Mike Grupp
Joel Lucas Hackethal
Maximilian Heiligenhaus
Annalotte Irmler
Simon Neumayer
Katerina Neocleous
Linda Quernheim
Pia Runge
Jonas Dominik Schmerge
Josefine Smolnik
Sebastiano Stilla

Year: 2018
Location: Flachau, Austria
Status: concept development
Total surface: 1000 m²
Project team: students from the Muenster School of Architecture supervised by Joachim Schultz-Granberg & Theo Deutinger