March 22, 2013

New Architecture Magazines


Magazines the World of Architecture is waiting for


Mark Magazine #44 june/july



ICONOCLASM, the architecture magazine without illustrations
ICONOCLASM presents the full scope of architecture features purely through words. Thus the outside appearance, the spatial experience inside, all floor plans sections but also all detailed drawings are presented to you through description. ICONOCLASM will take you with us on an architectural journey through the world of railway stations so that you can imagine these buildings and let be surprised when you first visit one of the buildings for real.

Bash - The Architectural Feedback Magazine
It is striking how little critique is made on architecture. Architecture Magazines miss out at large to instigate a healthy, constructive construction about the qualities of newly erected buildings. It seems that the profession is hesitant to do this in order to protect its members and the clients that enabled the architecture with sometimes extraordinary sums.

ARK – Architecture Rumours Kaleidoscope
If you wonder which colour of ties Jean Novel loves the most, or if you are curious about Zaha Hadid’s sex live, ARK is the magazine for you. Our journalists are ruthless and if necessary our photographers zoom in the footsteps on Moon. We show the persons behind the buildings and believe us, this gets exciting.

Once Upon – Architecture History Today
Once Upon is taking on the task of explaining our current architectural production with buildings from our common past. For each building a genealogical tree will be developed and in this way all buildings will be anchored in the global history of architecture.

Team: Theo Deutinger, Dario Marino, Pedro Rey Antón