January 30, 2020

minus20degree 2020

Global Village - m20d20

“The world is now like a continually sounding tribal drum, where everybody gets the message all the time… boom, boom, boom, go the drums…” Marshall McLuhan, 1960

The theory about the Global Village by Marshall McLuhan seems to contain many facets that pre-contextualized the current condition of social live on planet earth; e.g. the elimination of distances through the electronically interconnected globe and the rise of tribal culture. Is the Global Village the reality we are living in, or is it a reflection of a dream / a nightmare? 

With m20d20 the theme Global Village meets the mass tourist destination Flachau, which attracts 1.3 million visitors per year from all over the world. Flachau grows from 2.700 inhabitants in off-season to 18.000 people in high-season. This unique context provides extra room for interpretation of this year’s theme. 

The participating artists come from Finland, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Russia, United Kingdom and Austria and present works in the field of performance, video art, land art, sound art and sculptural art. As it is in the nature of m20d all artworks are produced on site and/or especially produced for minus20degree.

The Global Village - center of minus20degree - consists of temporary buildings, designed and built by 17 architecture students. Invited spatial thinkers provide a theoretical reflection on the topic.

Link to the m20d website.

Artists: Flachau Boëdromios by Wolfgang Obermair (DE) & Peter Fritzenwallner (AT); Amalgama by Luc Messinezis (GR); The Moon on Earth, People in the Sky by Leonid Tishkov (RUS); Walking the Machine - Esther Polak & Ivar van Bekkum (NL); Mobile Highspeed Exhibitions - For a Highspeed Society by Oliver Hangl (AT); Snowman Commits Suicide by Anna Vasof (AT/GR); The Unfolding of Empty Space by Joshua Legallienne (UK); Slide by Liddy Scheffknecht (AT); Deconstructing Nature by Antti Laitinen (FIN)

Global Village & Raumtheorie: Joachim Schultz-Granberg & Wilhelm Scherübl with students of the FH Münster: Moritz Böntrup, Mark Deutzmann, Niklas Ferdenhert, Bent Gosda, Alexander Hoffmann, Linda Junfermann, Lisa Klasberg, Anne Kolb, Philine Farina Marie Klüver, Alexander Lehnert, Sarah Maier, Alexander Niehaves, Jonas Frederik Ritgen, Lukas Rohenkohl, Mira  Schneider, Rebecca Vöge, Bastian Willimowski

minus20degree 2020

minus20degree - 5th edition 2020