May 07, 2018

minus20degree 2018

In February 2018 the fourth edition of minus20degree Art and Architecture Biennale was organized in Flachau. The theme World of Wellness touched for the first time the very present context of tourism. A village of 2.700 inhabitants hosting over 10.000 guests with the help of an additional work force of about 5.000 people can’t be called a village anymore but a resort or a theme park or a World of Wellness.

12 artists and architects reacted to this context. Through sound installations, video works and performances a very delicate reflection on the village and on the phenomenon of tourism happened. Part of this years m20d was a symposium that established a framework for the future development of m20d and a presentation of Office in Nature by the Muenster School of Architecture. We are very happy about the high quality of art that has been shown and that m20d2018 again has proven to develop and test new formats. Above all m20d wants to provide a laboratory for art and architecture. We are looking forward to m20d2020!

all pictures by Renate Mihatsch and Anna Vasof


Year: 2018
Location: Flachau, Austria
Project team: Heinz Riegler, Stefanos Filippas and TD

Après Après by FAXEN Collective

The sound installation refers to a popular party phenomenon in ski resorts entitled Après Ski. Meaningless music at 120 bpm, twirling rave trumpets, ski boots, lots of alcohol and frisky DJ’s are the ingredients for this post skiing celebration. The recorded announcements and animations of an Après Ski DJ in Flachau (a popular ski resort in Austria) were used for the Après Après sound installation. Shouting and cheering such as “put your hands up in the air”, “zike zake zike zake“, “louder“, and so forth are the basic elements of the sound collages. Installed under a motorway bridge the atmosphere clearly contrasts the party mood of Après Ski events. In such a divergent situation the animations turn into something absurd. Who is this man cheering for? Himself, the employees of the ski resort, the tourists? A call and response animation that animates itself as far as it will go. work by FAXEN Collective