February 08, 2016

minus20degree 2016

minus20degree art & architecture biennale 2016

minus20degree is an art and architecture festival that focuses on snow and landscape as basic elements. The intention is to design or stage landscape with simple interventions and make it accessible for the public. The festival sees the winter landscape as untouched testing field with snow as its plasticine resource for all expressions of art and architecture.

The third edition of minus20degree Art and Architecture Biennale took place in Flachau, Austria, on January 28 – 30, 2016.

Twenty-three artists from seventeen countries were invited to transform the winter landscape into stage, canvas and gallery. A path leads through the village and links installations, performances and artworks into a distinct exhibition space. For three days Flachau was not only the epicentre of mass tourism, but also the focal point for international artistic expression.

This year's theme was Melt. Melting is as fear inducing as it is a heroic moment. What brings death to the snowman, strengthens the pasture anew; what ensures the end of the unit, is a new beginning for difference. All that is stable and solid appears to gather movement, becoming liquid in order to solidify as a new form. This radicalism is inherent in nature and therefore its rural dwellers sense familiarity within. Yet still, or indeed exactly for that reason, they brace their culture in opposition. That is precisely why this year’s minus20degree wants to draw out and address the cultural melt.

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