March 21, 2014

minus20degree 2014

minus20degree is an art and architecture festival that focuses on snow and landscape as basic elements. The intention is to design or stage landscape with simple interventions and make it accessible for the public. The festival sees the winter landscape as untouched testing field with snow as its plasticine resource for all expressions of art and architecture. 

Short Movie Night
The first day was dedicated to short films that have been projected on a silver-screen of snow and ice. Movie directors from Australia, Costa Rica, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands and Austria contributed to the program. The projection surface of snow and ice seems to let the light just a little deeper in as normal canvas which results in a fantastic 3D effect.

Contributers: Martijn van Boven, Quique Rivera Rivera, Isabella Brunäcker, Ana Maria Gomes & Stéphanie Cazaentre & Alice de Sagazan, Tim Woodward,  Lina Mantikou, Chilai Howard, Lara Thoms & Corey Coda, David Brazier & Kelda Free, David Brazier & Kelda Free, Kai Stänicke,  Anthi Tzakou, Matthieu Rynkiewicz, Alexandros Vounatsos, Dionissis Paschalis & Yorgos Softas, Raya Kim, Luma Productions

Dante’s Inferno 2014
On the second day of minus20degree, Dante’s Inferno, the first part of Dante Alighieri's epic poem Divine Comedy, was staged as a walk through an alpine winter forest. The walk was designed as theatre play in which instead of the actors, the audience have taken on the dynamic part. Guided by Virgil the audience went from condemnation to condemnation where it was confronted with contemporary hellish figures. Natural as well as technical features of the landscape served as architecture and decor for the individual stations. Trees turned into prison poles, drainage pipes into anvils and rocks into fortresses.
For about an hour the peaceful forest was turned into hell and innocent visitors witnessed the depths of human soul.
Dante / the audience 
Virgil / Johann Weitgasser 
Limbo (gatekeeper) / Marlene Deutinger 
Lust (pimp and whore) / Peter Deutinger and Elisa Mante
Fraud (dog seller) / mock-up of soldier Schwejk (Tim Woodward)
Wrath (hammer woman) / Luca Deutinger
Greed (siren) / Anita Snital
Gluttony (musicoholic) / Saskia Quedens
Heresy (priest) / Theo Deutinger
Violence (fighting cocks) / Stefanos Filippas & Heinz Riegler
Treachery Infiltrator / Ines Pariente