May 05, 2010

Liberty City Exhibition 2010

Amsterdam Central Station - Platform2

The exhibition opened in the afternoon of the Dutch national liberation day by Lodewijk Asscher the interim mayor of Amsterdam. TD developed in collaboration with Partizan Publik the concept for this exhibition. The result of one year of investigation into the notion of freedom and liberty is presented on 300m2 right in the Central Station of Amsterdam; world’s most liberal city. Or isn’t it?

Client: 4 en 5 mei comité Amsterdam
Curator: Partizan Publik; Christian Ernsten en Joost Janmaat, Edwin Gardner, Tessa Hagen,Arthur Huizinga, Jeroen Visser
Exhibition construction: Jasper Harlaar, Christiaan Fruneaux
Design Team: Theo Deutinger, Kit Chow, Federica Vazzana, Katrina Hollis