December 18, 2020

LA Cabin

LA Cabin

This small weekend house is based on four prefabricated wood boxes, constructed from renewable materials. It has been finished with kitchen, windows, and bathroom at the workplace of the timberman. After completion, the house was brought on site and has been assembled in one day.  

The container system allows the owner to move the building to a different location if necessary. The garage is made from prefab concrete elements, following a similar system as the house. The house consists of a bathroom, a toilet, a bedroom, a kitchen, a lounge, a storage, and a children’s bedroom on only 40m2 surface. The efficient prefab construction resulted in low construction costs and quick inhabitation by the clients.

Pictures: Renate Mihatsch

Team: Theo Deutinger, Ekaterina Vititneva, Ioanna Chatzikonstantinou