October 17, 2018

IKEA Walks – The Capital of World Interior

Imagine, it is true, and we are about to experience the end of globalization. In the long run this would mean the end of the Soccer World Cup, the Olympics, English as lingua franca, pop-music and the end of Mc Donald’s and IKEA. The IKEA Walks anticipates on this thought and organizes guided tours through the capital of world interior.

Visiting IKEA, is visiting the future museum of globalization. It explains our tastes, our constant desire for making a bargain, our wastefulness on resources, our eating habits and even our trust in companies to take care of our kids while we go for a walk. Nowhere is our contemporary culture so well exposed and well presented as within the four walls of this metal blue box. 

The IKEA walks can take place in 403 stores on five continents and 49 countries. The differences between these 403 stores is close to zero, the concept is everywhere the same. It is fascinating that this concept embodies something that is deeply rooted in the human species since it is understood by all humans alike no matter their cultural, educational and religious background. Global spaces like IKEA are unifiers. We are, even if we have not been in an IKEA yet, part of this culture, part of the IKEA culture, the largest cultural group earth has experienced so far.

The IKEA Walks will continue in other locations, countries and continents.