January 10, 2018

Handbook of Tyranny - Exhibition I

In April 2018 the “Initiative Architektur” hosted the “Handbook of Tyranny” exhibition. The design concept by Brendan McGetrick presented fragments of the book chapters Slaughterhouse, Walls and Fences and Prison Cells in the scale 1:1. Visitors blend with the technical illustrations and inhabited them for the time of the exhibition. The exhibition reverses the illustration process by bringing the drawings back to the real world in real scale, yet pure and brutal.

Two carousel slide projectors, whose sounds are electronically reinforced, project the chapters Free Entry and Terrorist Groups. The slide-change of the projector produces a sound which is similar to loading a rifle, thus reinforces the lingering violence behind the illustrations.

Year: 2018; 12th - 27th April
Location: Salzburg, Austria
Status: exhibition
Project team: hosted by Initiative Architektur; exhibition design by Brendan McGetrick, sound by Heinz Riegler, exhibition production by TD