February 15, 2009

rethink and reshape GITP

Rethink and reshape the real space for communication

GITP, Holland’s most established and consolidated Human Resource Management Office is about to undertake a forward looking reorganization. Unlike its competitors GITP is not focusing for the quantity but strives to continue its high quality people business activities, guided by a totally new formula for the HRM business.
TD is supporting GITP in its effort, by designing new environments for the perfect interaction between clients and advisors. The new environment of GITP will perfectly serve the ‘high-touch’ approach the company is longing for and will provide an atmosphere that allows GITP’s clients to relax as well as to focus.

Video by Mark van Beest (Nog Harder) and Bram Spits (Madkarma) . Furniture by Gijs Kaayk (Vormlust)

Client: GITP - Netherlands
Design Team: Simon Davis, Romuald Dehio, Theo Deutinger, Andreas Kofler, Theresia Kohlmayr, Nina Maeno, Federica Muccichini, Christopher Pandolfi, Stefan Prins, Katja Schneider
Contractor: About Projects - GITP Maastricht