February 15, 2010

GITP Amsterdam

GITP Amsterdam is fully operational

GITP Amsterdam is after GITP Maastricht the second location TD redesigned and refurnished according to the new strategy.
GITP is an international operating human resource management company that has established twelve offices in the Netherlands. In a nutshell: GITP is evaluating, selecting and stimulating human talent. This very personal task asks for very specific spaces and buildings. GITP Amsterdam is housed in the Burgerweeshuis, a structuralist building in the south of Amsterdam designed by Aldo van Eyck between 1955 and 1960. This former orphanage building suited perfectly our needs that are: retreat for quiet dialogue, close contact to outside space and a perfect collective working environment.


Client: GITP - Netherlands
Design Team: Romuald Dehio, Theo Deutinger, Theresia Kohlmayr, Nina Maeno, Federica Muccichini, Christopher Pandolfi, Stefan Prins
Contractor: About Projects - GITP Maastricht
Pictures: Jeroen Musch