July 05, 2022

Day-Care-Center for Kids and Seniors – Hassel (D)

In the municipality of Hassel (part of the Arneburg-Goldbeck) a day-care center for children and a day-care center for seniors are to be built in one building to create encounters between old and young - a lively place for exchange.

The challenge was to develop a building that meets the requirements of a children's day-care center and those of a day-care center for seniors, allows for visual relationships and overlaps in the spatial program and at the same time creates retreat zones for both user groups.

To keep the process in the building as compact as possible, potentially jointly used rooms are bundled.

All functions are on one floor. The building divides the functions of the day-care center for seniors in the eastern part and those of the children's day-care center in the western part of the building. The entrances are centrally located. The necessary areas for house connection, heating and technical rooms were also arranged at ground level.

Up to 50 places are to be created for the children's day-care center, which will be divided into 4 group rooms. These rooms can be connected to one large space by opening sliding doors. One group is intended for crèche children aged 0-3 years. 17 places are planned for the day-care center for seniors.

Team: Christopher Clarkson, Charlotte Kaulen, Pia Prantl, Nikolas Susanto, Theo Deutinger