February 15, 2009

At Home in my Office

competition entry for an office building

At Home in my Office
The reason for working in an office changed fundamentally throughout the last two decades. Before the arrival of the internet the only possible workplace for office workers was the office. But nowadays office workers could basically toil everywhere. Yet still most office workers go to an office every day, not because of its technical facilities but for the experience of work-life, the atmosphere and the unexpected, which are happening in a large group at once. Today’s office-work is much more about life than about labour. In groups we work, in groups we live. And in groups we perform even better; not always more efficient but much more present and alive.

The contemporary office has to provide spaces, in which we feel at home. It is not about home-working it is about work-homing. As a result, the most attractive living environment should be as much interwoven with the working environment as possible.

design team: Theo Deutinger, Kit Chow, Michael, Hadjistyllis, Federica Vazzana